Our primary goal is to place all of our rescues into forever loving homes.

Our adoption questionnaire helps us learn about you, your home, your lifestyle

and level of experience so we can find the perfect dog for you and your family.


We ask potential adopters to submit the questionnaire prior to scheduling an

appointment to meet our adoptable dogs. 

The rescue incurs significant costs for every dog, including:

Vet visits and medical care, surgeries, vaccines, deworming, flea meds,

spay/neuter, microchipping, transportation, food and supplements etc..

The adoption fees don't fully cover these costs, so our rescue

primarily relies on additional support of our donors!


Why hello there! My name is Lilly, and I'm a 4 year old English Cocker Spaniel mix. I've got quite the personality if I do say so myself -- after all, I'm outgoing, friendly, enjoy the company of other dogs and have even been told that the phrase "wiggle butt" was coined after me (my goodness)!


I'm a special girl who has something called glaucoma which has caused me to have some vision impairment, but luckily my foster mom puts drops in my eyes three times a day to treat the issue. It's super quick and easy, and there's usually lots of pets and cuddles afterwards, so it's really no big deal. 

There's no doubt we'll have lots of good times if we end up together, so won't you consider taking me home? Just fill out the adoption questionnaire!


Cooper is a 14-year-old Pomeranian who

came to us from San Diego due to divorce.

He's a little dog with a big heart! 

He's ready to explore new places by paws

and car. He's a social butterfly who loves

scratches and pets, but pick up his

leash and he's ready to go!

Cooper suffers from multiple health issues,

including heart murmur (grade 4/6), 

bilateral MPLs (grade 2/4), arthritis

and he needs to gain more weight. 

Due to his age and health conditions,

Cooper is not a candidate for adoption,

but is looking for compassionate sponsors 

and donors to help the rescue care for him.

Would you like to sponsor dogs

like Cooper? He needs your help,

so please consider a donation today.


Stella is a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier mix.

A sweet girl who loves going for car rides,

walks well on a leash and loves the water.

Stella does well with other well mannered

dogs with a proper introduction.

Stella would do best in a home with no cats

and with older, respectful children.


If you'd like to become Stella's

new best friend, please fill out 

our adoption questionnaire.


Would you like to meet Ancho?

This 5-year-old Chihuahua mix

is initially shy with new people,

but does warm up quickly!

Ancho is house-trained, enjoys going for

walks and car rides. He's also a burrower

and loves to snuggle up under blankets and

run around with his stuffed toys

tossing them in the air.

He does get along with other dogs and would

do best in a home with no small children.

Please fill out our adoption questionnaire 

and we'll set up a time to meet

this sweet, handsome boy!


Zeus is a 7-year-old, 70 lbs., active,

fun-loving dog looking for a family

who understands a rough and tumble,

hiking, ball playing kinda guy.


He gets along well with other dogs and

another large, friendly dog in the home

would be great to keep this active guy busy.

He does not do well with small children due

to his rough play style. Please no cats or

other small animals, as he loves to

chase and bark at them!


He's had a rough past and currently working

on sitting patiently and calm greetings.

He walks great on leash and is learning

to play fetch and drop it.


Zeus needs an owner who has a big heart

and lots of time and who can continue

with his training!


Hi! My name is Milton, and I'm 11 years old. 

I'm a little guy at just 7 pounds, but I am destined to win your heart. I don't take up a lot of space, but I've got tons of presence! What do I mean by that? Well, I'm the kind of guy that will always be right at your side, your best friend. I don't ask for much but I have so much love and affection to give!

My dream family is one where I spend lots of time in your lap, maybe take a little stroll each day, but mostly kick back and spend my golden years just hanging out with you. 

All it takes is for you to fill out the adoption questionnaire, and we can find out if we just might be the perfect team. I'd love to find out, wouldn't you?


Bri is a 5.5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix

who absolutely LOVES people and would

spend her whole day cuddling with you

if she could.


Some of her favorite things are toys

(especially the squeaky kind), belly rubs,

giving kisses, riding in the car and meeting

new people – everyone who meets her

instantly falls in love!

Bri can be selective with her furry friends. She would be perfectly content to be the only animal in the

home, but we would be happy to do a meet-and-greet with any other dogs who are already in the home. 

Bri walks well on leash and would do

great with kids over the age of 10.


If you like to arrange a meet and greet

with Bri, please fill out our 

adoption questionnaire.


Nacho is a handsome senior gentleman

who would be the perfect match for a retired

family that has time to take him on leisure

strolls and just stay at home to relax.

Nacho would prefer to be the only 

dog in the home.

Please fill out our adoption questionnaire 

if you like to meet this adorable boy.

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