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We are overjoyed when one of our adoptable pets meets their ideal owner, and it's love at first sight!

Enjoy these sweet stories of foster dogs who have found their forever homes.

We'd love to help you find the perfect companion, one who can bring the kind of joy to your life that nothing else can. 

Be sure to check out our Adopt page and see if you spot a dog that would fit you just right.

Please keep in mind that we cover all costs of our foster animals, including veterinary care, and those costs can be significant. Even adoption fees don't cover our expenses. Consider donating to help our sweet animals!


Niko is one of those very few dogs that stands out from the crowd, captures your heart, and never gets it go. He is partially blind, able onto to see some shadows, but he learns his surroundings very well. He's a big cuddlebug who has found his forever home, and spends his days basking in the love and affection showered on him everyday. This prince deserves no less!

Stella 080219.jpg

Stella is a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier mix. A sweet girl who loves going for car rides, walks well on a leash and loves the water, she has found her forever family, and is happily enjoying each day she spends with them!

Stella is just one of many success stories of dogs from Dog Squad Rescue finding their forever homes, bringing love and companionship to their new families. It warms our hearts to see how much joy the addition of our dogs to a family can bring!


Zorro was recently adopted and is loving his new family!

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that Zorro is doing really well... he's completely adjusted to our family and there's no one else that would run so fast when it comes to begging for treats...  (-':


"Sometimes he sleeps with me, but most of the time he only comes really early in the morning to my bed to lay on my pillow (-; 

"He loves to play with my parents dog savvy cat and sometimes chases her when she wants to be chased. Otherwise, he can just lay next to her and wait for her to run so he can chase. He's such a joy!"



Rocky 052020.JPG

Rocky is absolutely over the moon with his new family! 

We don't usually bring in puppies but Rocky was in need of medical care. We were able to provide him with what he needed, thanks to generous donations from wonderful sponsors and the hard work of our volunteers. He is as happy as can be, safe and healthy with a long life of joy and love ahead of him. Rocky's is truly a heartwarming success story!


Charlie is a 10 year old Shih Tzu, very much a handsome little guy, who has found his forever home. He enjoys his daily neighborhood walks and is friendly with all the dogs -- and kids! -- he meets. Charlie loves to cuddle on the couch, or just relax in his dog bed. He loves, loves, loves his toys .... it's a common sight when he grabs a dog toy and runs around with it in his mouth, jumping and pouncing! Charlie is a happy-go-lucky and easygoing guy whose smile lights up a room... and he is doing a whole lot of smiling nowadays, having joined his new family and being showered with love.

COOKIE 042020.jpg

Miss Cookie is a little doll! She's a senior with plenty of pep in her step, and a complete cuddle bug too. She loves car rides and lazy naps in the warm sunshine... she's as gentle as can be, and minds her manners perfectly. 

Cookie is so happy to have found her new family! She's settled right in perfectly... it's as if she's always been there. She's the perfect example of how one of our foster dogs can truly add a whole new level of joy and love to your life!


Willie was recently adopted and couldn't be happier!

He's an 8 year old guy, 15 pounds, and loves to hang out. He's been enjoying hanging out at his foster mom's place for the past few months, making friends with the roommate... all while taking all the long walks and getting all the rubs and cuddles a dog could ask for!

Now that Willie has found his forever family, he's settled in seamlessly already. Already BFFs with two new buddies and spending lots of time at the local dog park, he's definitely had his dreams come true!


Louie is living the good life now! He is an adorable 10-year-old Brussel Griffon/ Shih Tzu mix

and he couldn't be any sweeter!

He's a cuddler, a snuggler, loves to go on walks and just hanging out with his people. He wakes up everyday knowing he's safe and loved, and shows his happiness in every way he possibly can.


It has been so fun to see Marlee’s personality change and come out over the past 8 months! She was unsure of us at first and was shy with high anxiety. She didn’t like being away from home for too long and was not a fan of cuddles!


Today Marlee loves to go on walks, taking car rides, snuggling with us at bed time, and playing....soooo much playing! Although she is still working on her anxiety around other dogs, she has shown so much growth and continues to surprise us with how smart she is!


She has brought so much joy to our lives and we can’t imagine life without her! 


-- Dan and Sydney R

ZERO 022020 (41).jpg

Zero is a little guy with a lot of character and personality. He's an adorable Chi-weenie, approximately 1.5 years old, weighing in at 10 lbs with so much love to go around! He has such an amazing spirit and was going to be such an amazing new friend to someone out there. 

We are so happy that he has now found his forever family! He really enjoys taking walks and playing fetch. He is such an incredible example of how adding a new furbaby to your new life can bring you immense amounts of joy, laughter, love, and companionship!

Ancho – Adopt a Small Dog – Chihuahua Mix – The Dog Squad Rescue, San Diego

This 5-year-old Chihuahua mix

was initially shy with new people,

but warmed up very quickly when he found

love at first sight!!

Ancho enjoys going for walks and car rides.

He's also a burrower

and loves to snuggle up under blankets and

run around with his stuffed toys

tossing them in the air.

Ancho couldn't be doing better with his new family 

and in his new home!



Sweet Bri is a 6 y/o, 60 lb pit bull terrier mix who had been waiting nearly TWO YEARS for her furever family, and they finally found her! 

Bri was featured on a virtual adoption event hosted by the San Diego Humane Society, which helped connect Bri with her family. It was love at first sight for her humans, and they are giving Bri all of the love and attention she deserves.

Bri is now living the dream in Northern California, and has been working on the three S's: sunbathing, snacking, and snuggling with her humans. Happy trails to sweet Bri and her beautiful family! 

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